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Community Garden of Earthly Delights

3 cement pots, 25 cement planters, birdseed, chicken meat, cormorant sculls, human and organic debris collected onsite (bluejay, birds nests, leaf matter, residue from several years of student life)

Milstein Hall, Ithaca, NY; 30 x 25 feet. March 30 – April 1, 2022.

In collaboration with Danielle Greco.

Before the intervention:

“Community Garden of Earthly Delights” succeeded at provoking and gardening. Within this concrete pit filled with discarded architecture school models and rubbish, we challenged human standards of beauty. After raking the unkept garden and sorting biodegradable debris from non-compostable trash, our placement of Danielle's rough cement vessels beside incidental rubbish reflected and countered the cast cement environment. Addressing our animal neighbors in this artificial space, we carefully selected our artistic ingredients: birdseed (offerings), chicken pieces to decompose as fertilizer (plantings), cormorant skulls in the trees (ritual), and a blue jay found strangled in vines onsite (memorial to architecture-induced nature-death). By presenting offerings to birds and humans, this project was intended to leave its vessel, an overlooked garden, emotionally stimulated.

For more information, please see this research statement.

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