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Cornucopoiema & Winter Pond


Flashlights, audio, log, plastic bowls.

Blue popcorn, walnut, apple, peppercorn.

December 2020.

Winter Pond

Ice, rock, branches.

Peaked Rock, Battenkill State Forest, NY.

January 2021.

Deer Poetry

Cornucopia (a symbol of abundance and nourishment) + Poiema (a masterpiece, poem or work of art) employs the vernacular of conceptual art to engage a cervine audience. Manipulating the light spectrum as perceived by deer, UV lights and blue/purple tones appear brighter, leading to the cornucopia from several directions. In the center, a log spills out nourishment in the form of blue popcorn, apple slices, and walnuts. And yet, like so much contemporary art, a hefty portion of communicative frustration accompanies the nourishment: the log emits an audible "poem" of fauns in pain and bucks in heat, and a few peppercorns are hidden among the delicious treats.

Winter Pond was a performance for no one. On the summit of a mountain a three-hour hike above my hometown, I crossed a thinly iced pond repeatedly until baring half of its surface. Testing fate, I jammed branches and rocks into the ice, creating an array of objects and impacts resembling a Japanese rock garden. I consider this less of an intentional "artwork" and more of an urge to let off steam by playfully altering nature without lasting harm.

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