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Itadori Teahouse

Japanese Knotweed (Reynoutria Japonica), Bush Honeysuckle (Lonerica Mackii)

The Soil Factory, Ithaca NY

July 2023

The Tea Ceremony:

Pictured here is “Teahouse” (2023): knotweed woven into the form of a squat toilet. Within this large vessel built into a flowing stream, Adam served an itadori tea.

the scatological dialectics of the eastern squat toilet, and the ideological transmission and normalizing of western sitting toilets

The preparation of itadori as medicinal tea

Inspiration from Maxwell Fertik, co-artist in residence at The Soil Factory, laboratory for soil science and ecological art in Ithaca, NY


Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica) (虎杖), a plant that grows in the most degraded landscapes, is the central case study for this project. By making knotweed objects at three different scales, (silverware, table and raft), and discussing the xenophobic language around invasive species, this project investigates resilience and local resourcefulness within a post-industrial future.

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