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go through EVERY page and revise design/reduce text and images

theater: Work with children, education… camps, projects, other fun based on prior writings. School of rock… +link to the website from THe Future of Salem!

Curriculum vitae performing arts acting and design, plus revise art cv and resume

Look through the johnson show pictures and the hard drive for better photos in context

Do series of documentation for prints

Vase, Ao, Mind, Moons, Wire, Sex (+other litho/intaglio experiments?)

Update printmaking with papermaking pictures from Japan


Photo mural?

Don't forget biographies and acknowledgements in nature's play

look into booking software through the website

  1. Theatrical & Digital Design

    1. POTQ (Performance stills, Video, Process?)

    2. Asiamnesia

    3. Reach for the Sky

    4. Baby Rock

    5. L’Histoire

    6. Bernarda Alba, drawings and mockups for others


  1. Video

    1. Tech+Body (and Process - separate page)

    2. Isolated Reflection

      1. an isolated reflection, 2020

      2. Video, 16:20

      3. Link:


      5. Following the evacuation from campus in March, my life was briefly an unstructured blur. I was lucky to find my footing through nostalgia: at home, I listened to CDs from my childhood, biked up and down my country road, re-watched short videos I made in the woods, and looked through the photographs I took as a teenager. These thousands of images supplied an escape and a concern: having studied the ethics of photography since capturing the scenes, I grew troubled by the extent to which I recorded people’s lives. As a reaction, I created “an isolated reflection.” This project is an exercise in video, photography, and audio, consisting of two filmed sections set to music, which bookend a longer photo essay that is paired with a jumble of words. The film is an experiment in context, encouraging the viewer to create their own interpretations through editing cues such as the positions of objects in cuts, unexpected pairings of words and images, and disjointed or synchronous rhythms. I hoped to use the mediums to feel  subconscious by letting the video take on its own “freeform” life: as the project developed, I created additional media when it felt right, and refined curious accidents during editing. For the middle passage, I selected and edited over 250 existing digital pictures and videos, to which I wrote stream-of-conscience reactions by “speaking” to the photographs. Recording everything six times while ad-libbing and “hamming up” the performance as I grew tired, I listened back to what I said a day later and included every take. Combined, the result is a soundscape that is simultaneously self-indulgent and self-effacing, performative but candid, a creation using my words to share a message that is only partially mine. This was a cathartic project: today, so many people have had to loosen their control over their lives, and letting the typically rigid medium out of my grasp felt like the appropriate way to express.

    3. A Visual Essay // poetry and song

    4. You Are

    5. Smoke and Mirrors

    6. Welcome to my Chinatown

    7. Cymbeline Anthropo-scenes

    8. +haiku?

    9. Technology + the moving body (Video and process of all)


  1. Digital Media

    1. What was the stuff for the class at Salem???


    3. Posters for jaret's class

    4. Photoshop file jaret's class

    5. poster designs for JUSA and art majors

    6. Sticker design for JUSA

    7. Any other digital design? look back through ancient history!

    8. Sofia collages?


  1. Performance

    1. A reel!

    2. Selected stills

    3. Links + stills

      1. Don John Cuomo

      2. Sukkot Sanbaso

      3. Feedback

      4. Big Brother

      5. Neon City Blues

    4. Credits + stills only

      1. Sex Shop

      2. SERIAL

      3. Taliyah’s film (culty? also with lucas)

      4. Witches Brew

      5. Shannon’s film w taylor

      6. Other? Jeremy?


  1. ​Maybe: modeling, with

    1. Gillian photoshoot undies + tank

    2. Alexa photoshoot nude

    3. Shoshanna modeling

    4. Others?

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