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Site Specific: Installations & Exhibitions


In collaboration with Paige Pepling.

Tjaden Hall, Experimental Gallery, Cornell University.

Installation components: Acrylic on tarp, 4’ x 10’ pool, crumpled paper, river rocks, and five featured artworks.

October 31 - November 04, 2022.

The Schoolteacher

10 archival Inkjet prints, motion-triggered audio.

10” x 11” each. Please see the linked video for documentation.

Dusk to Mourning

Ceramic, plywood, paper, new edition of 87 risograph books printed and bound.

Approx. 3.3’ x 2.5’ x 1.5’

Def & Birf

Suspended canvas

Tjaden Hall, Cornell University.

September 22 - November 01, 2022